The Workout Guide


I have put together an E-Book!!!

The NU-U Workout Guide is a 12 week 3 Phase Program for body recomposition.  Its a difficult subject, but without using bro-science, wording you’ll get lost in but simple calculations and easy to follow workouts.  This is a labour of love and has taken me a while to get 100% right.

The methods have been tried and tested on my own clients with remarkable results.  The guide also gives tips on mindset, food choices with sample menus using real foods in the right quantities to leave you satiated and full of energy throughout the 12 weeks.

I’ll be releasing Phase 1 as a “Free Download” so there’s no financial outlay for you just an amazing resource for you to try before you buy the next 8 weeks.

Over the next few months I will put together a video library that you can watch on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop to accompany you on this journey.

Register your interest.  I’ll launch it on Instagram with a download link in my bio.

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